Saturday, March 29, 2008

Ranier beer, Barack Obama, and Daniel Johnston

It's great to be in Seattle.

I have been rarely going out these days, due to many things, but the blame lies mostly with stress (no one likes to admit that, but I will gladly). As MFA graduation approaches, I am having spurts of the usual--uncertainty, unbelievable happiness, unbearable depression, etc. But last night a friend of mine finally got me out of the apartment and drinking.

It's pretty obvious that with all the democrat drama these days, you are bound to stumble upon that drunken Obama fanatic disguised as a normal Obama supporter. As rare as it is that I go out , it's even rarer that I get tossed into a political discussion. Okay, so I will be straight up, my vote goes to Hilary, and voicing that opinion seemed to be almost more disgusting to the Obama fanatic I met last night, rather than, say, labeling myself a McCain supporter.

This dude I was having a "discussion" with first of all claimed that voting based on a candidate's personality was most important (what about policy and means of getting there?). I understand we want someone who has a face that represents America (especially, considering...), but I'm not going to base my decisions on how nice or friendly a candidate is. This dude also claimed over and over again that Obama is "such a great person!" but whether he is or isn't human being of the year doesn't mean anything to me. As far as I'm concerned I don't know anything about the nature of any of the presidential candidates. There is no way for me to know for sure that Barack would beat Hilary in a race to save a puppy, nor is that a quality that will hands-down get my vote. This unintelligent banter went on for about half an hour, making my friend and the dude's friend seem fairly uncomfortable. It was a great night.

Everything ended with a handshake, and the closing statement, "I know it sounds like I'm one of these Obama fanatics, but really, I'm not." I let it go, because I knew nothing compelling was going to come out of a personal attack. The funny part about this whole thing is that most of my buddies are Obama supporters, and I am willing to hear them out. I may not necessarily change my mind, but I invite them to try me. But for those of you passionate Ranier drinkers at the bar, keep your opinions to yourself, unless of course, you are at least semi-sober enough to have a discussion that doesn't end in trying to convince someone that throwing a water bottle into an auidence where a girl has fainted from awe makes for the best presidential candidate. It makes me sad.

What does make me very happy is that I just found out that Daniel Johnston is coming to Seattle in a few weeks. I have mixed feelings about this, but more on that after the show in April.

If you aren't aquainted with his music, you can listen to some songs on his myspace page:

This doesn't mean the next time I get out of the apartment is to see Daniel Johnston. One passionate-for-the-wrong-reason Seattlite won't ruin my morale. There would have to be a group of at least 20 of them to do that.

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