Friday, August 14, 2009

My Move to Honolulu

I have "lived" in Honolulu now for one week, but just cooked my first meal on my first night at the new apartment in Makiki. I scrambled around the tiny kitchen to make Tofu Thai lettuce Wraps, using Taro leaves. Apparently, Taro leaves are poisonous, until cooked (thank you J.C.R. Licklider for your Galactic idea, and google, for this information). So boil some taro leaves, throw in some soy sauce, hot chilies, chopped walnuts, cilantro & some green onions into a pan for a few minutes, the wrap them in some Manoa lettuce and ta-da... sustenance! I just hope this poisonous until cooked thing is true....actually, I just did a google search again and the taro leaf causes an itchy sensation which I believe I am having right now....and cant say I don't enjoy.

Moving on. The transition to Oahu has been relatively easy. I found my apartment in one day, although it took about 3 days to sign a lease. No one here is in a rush. I thought Seattle was lax, but Seattlites have NOTHING on Hawaiians. Except when it comes to driving. Although the island is packed (literally, don't drive from 3-6, ESPECIALLY on a Friday in Waikiki), I-5 any day of the week is much worse. After about 4 trips to Walmart, I've got everything anyone in the lower 48 might need. Expect friends. I expect that to come later. The guy at the Cheesecake Factory was pretty nice (yes, this was my folks' idea), along with the kid gardening his grandparents' lawn next door (I asked him the best place to get soil), but I don't think those will be lasting friendships.

Now that my apartment is all set up, it's time to get cracking on some poems, 40 oz of Longboard in hand and some cigarettes that I may or may not be allowed to smoke on my lanai. My mouth is now numb.


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