Monday, September 17, 2012

Teaching & Productivity

More often than not, teachers get bogged down with their own class planing, grading, and to-do lists that sharing their lesson plans, reading lists, tips, and experiences becomes hardly a priority. But what if we had the tools to make community building-- across disciplines, and across geographical boundaries-- happen so that our own courses become more efficient by gathering information (testimonals, course materials, and all that other pedagogical good stuff) in one place? I think by taking a hint from start-up culture in the tech industry we can perhaps use project management softeware to do such things!

I know what you're classroom is NOT a business, and education shouldn't be run as one.  Although I share that sentiment in more ways than you know, I do think that the Tracky software gives us educators an awesome opportunity to not only integrate our classroom secrets with a high-tech application that can be accesses anytime, anywhere, but that is facilities communication that otherwise might not happen - conversations about department struggles, course ideas, education materials, and much more.

Check out some of my ideas for how TRACKY can possibly help our curmudgeon faculty members become more vocal, productive, and innovative on my guest blog at!

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