Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Prose Poem from ENG313 - Process Writing

Here is the result of using my students' lines through the course of the semester to create a prose poem. I'm going to miss my smarty-pants students!

Then You Die 

She said, “I confess that I've often used depression as expression.” For example, “I kept reviewing the memories of his touch.” For example, “I am sorry, but this has lingered on for too long.” For example, “Three of my bank accounts have been emptied, my savings no longer exist, and I’m $30,000 in debt.”

She searched through the glove compartment for the half-torn, outdated map. The trash bag she held was filled with all the toys and gadgets that were listed and wished for once. A storm hits and rains thoughts, emotions, letters, concepts.

 I fast-forward the camera that lives so lopsidedly in my brain, to the end of the party; her decisions then had a gravitational pull. I guess after we left, and the roof fell in right on top of him. It’s a relief to be alive, to take the chance and be known. Nothing broken but just a slight pain, until you're just holes and holes and holes.

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