Sunday, January 11, 2009

%&#* Craigslist

From looking at this sad sad blog, I realized I must be spending a lot of time on craigslist (like every other unemployed American) and not writing about it. Well you know what craigslist? You blow. You blow because when I need you, you offer me government jobs. You know I won't pass a drug test! Fuck you craigslist for trying to make me feel better with your "free stuff" section. It only pisses me off that people have shit to give away for free. And why don't you update the design of your website? I look at it for at least 15 hours a day for the sake of all things beautiful! I guess that's the point though. To make it boring enough that you will pick your ass up and go find yourself a job the good 'ol fashion way, door to door. It's ironic though. I mean really craigslist, don't you think you have eliminated all face to face interactions between employers and prospective employees? I personally think I have a better chance at get a job if the company meets me. How else can they hear me whine?

At least Linda Bierds, perhaps the sweetest professor I know (besides my Uncle Kenny, of course) is doing well:

p.s. Linda, if you're out there, I should have asked you to be my thesis advisor...shhh.

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